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Licensed Esthetician, Brittany McDonald has worked hard to establish Britt's Skin therapies for the last 3 years and enjoys helping women by providing natural, holistic products. We provide feminine care, skincare, full-body care, and more! Brittany uses her love and passion for holistic healing to create products and local services for the sole purpose of detoxing, stress relief, overall health, skincare, and more!

Founded, owned, and managed by Brittany McDonald, Bella Bee Tea in Miami, FL started in 2015 as a distributor for Total Life Changes (TLC), a company that promotes overall health and well-being of the community through 100% organic weight-loss products, with groundbreaking results reported worldwide. The flagship product we sold was TLC’s Iaso Tea.

We have since expanded our expertise through our continuing efforts to promote natural healing. Our initial project included introducing the ancient remedy of the Vagi-Steam and other similar products. We stand by our origins and will continue to bring safe and organic healing methods using resources from the earth that keep you healthy and full of vitality.

We hope you will find everything you need on this site. Bella Bee Tea is focused on providing quality service and customer satisfaction all the time, every time. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Your support is always greatly appreciated. Visit our site regularly for the newest updates about our company and the products we offer. We promise that there is so much more to come!